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Game Design Careers

How to Become a Video Game Developer

Video Game Developer

Video game developers are essentially the programmers for video games that consumers enjoy playing.  They may work with artists, sound designers, and other professionals to write the code which is used to program how the game and player interact. Read More »

Into Gaming? Game Design Career Overview

Into Gaming? Game Design Career Overview

Have you ever been curious how your favorite video game works and how it was made? If so, maybe you would be interested in a game design career. A game design job entails many interesting facets; besides the visual design side of it, the scripting side of game creation is fascinating as well. Read More »

Game Design Jobs For Animators

Game Design Jobs For Animators

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, professional multimedia artists or animators typically seek a college degree to launch a career in the industry. A comprehensive computer graphics or game design program teaches courses such as advanced 3D modeling, computer simulation and game design theory. These studies can provide aspiring animators with the latest skills needed to pursue game ... Read More »

Game Designer Salary

Game Designer Salary

If you’re looking into a career in game design, you may have wondered what a game designer salary looks like. Salaries for game designers are fairly good compared to other jobs in that same industry. There is a lot of training and experience that comes with being a game designer. Read More »

Become a Game Producer with a Game Design Degree

Video Game Producer

Video game producing is one of the more demanding yet rewarding game degree jobs in the industry. A game producer oversees the development of video games. Responsibilities include creative decisions—such as character and narrative development—and operational decisions—like budgeting and choosing project managers. Read More »

Video Game Storyboarding


Every game starts with a story. For video game lovers, it is truly interesting to learn more about the process of video game storyboarding. Game designers, writers and artists are responsible for today’s amazing video games. Most of the time games are based on popular movies, real-world events or great ideas. Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Designer

Game Design

To go beyond the thrill of the online world and become a video game designer is a respectable goal. In order to take the next step in this direction, one may purse an education from a video game design school. The opportunities available to a video game designer are limitless. The video game design field is quickly becoming a debut field ... Read More »

How Much Does a Sound Designer Make?

Sound Design

As a sound designer, the amount of money earned depends on many variables. A sound designer salary can range anywhere between $22, 810 to $97,700.* This disparity is large enough to tell you that the salary you can expect to earn as a sound designer depends on a number of aspects, including your area within the industry. Read More »

The Salary of a Game Designer

Game Designer

A career in the game design field may include working for companies that publish video games, phone applications and game software. Game designers involved with programming can earn a healthy salary along with other rewards, such as bonuses. However, it is not a must that you be employed in one of the game publishing companies to earn a decent game ... Read More »

Top Game Production Companies

Game Production

There are many game production companies around the world that produce a vast amount of game genres. These genres range from RPG (role playing games) to sports games and everything in between. Choosing the best game production companies to work for really depends on individual preference. When thinking about working for a game production company, it is important to consider ... Read More »