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Beginner Video Game Design Software

Beginner Video Game Design Software

Building, developing and designing games should not just be left to the professionals. After all, why should they get all the joy? The development of video games and designing them can be achieved by anyone that has some interest in the video gaming industry.

Developing games using software that helps beginners or amateurs has moved on leaps and bounds over the past three or four years. There may well be thousands of large studios across America filled with developers designing and creating new games, But growing even faster than this are the small, independent and often amateur types using software developed by beginners for beginners, and still making incredible games.


So, where does a beginner, a pre-professional or amateur game designer start? Usually your idea may consist of just a simple game or something that can be easily manageable. There are software tools out there that are designed purely for those at amateur or pre-professional stage of game designing.


In fact, you will not need to be a computer and gaming science expert or professional to use software like Twine which does not require users to have any experience in coding or development of games. Twine (*) is a software tool that does not require users to be experts and for those who have never developed, created or designed a game before.


Stencyl is another software tool that helps you get your first game on the go and is ideal for beginners. There are no steep learning curves here and many of these software tools are free or at least have free versions available. Video game design software is fun to play around with when it comes as easy to operate as Game Maker from YoYo Games.


Game Maker is not unlike Stencyl in that it is easy to use, has a free version and has an easy to use drag and drop interface, making development of games an easier than anticipated task.


But Game Maker’s downfall is that is only exports to executable files and they will all have watermarks on them, so you may want to try the Standard or Professional versions at a later date. We found that using Stencyl was easiest as it is very easy to share the games you have developed with friends or social media contacts. However, it is still a new kid on the block and has not yet ironed out all of its bugs.

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