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Become a Game Producer with a Game Design Degree

Become a Game Producer with a Game Design Degree

Video game producing is one of the more demanding yet rewarding game degree jobs in the industry. A game producer oversees the development of video games. Responsibilities include creative decisions—such as character and narrative development—and operational decisions—like budgeting and choosing project managers.

Educational Requirements and Coursework

The first step toward becoming a game producer is to obtain a degree in game design. In many cases, aspiring game producers will complete courses in business, marketing, computer science and different forms of digital media in their studies.  Beyond the degree, hands-on experience and internships is highly recommended. With comprehensive education and professional experience, you will be better prepared for a career in the gaming industry.

To expand upon the coursework involved, one of the most important gaming courses is programming.  A game producer today should be able understand and write code in popular languages as C++, C#, Python, Java and flash.  Programming courses are standard for all gaming degree jobs.

Technical skills are usually coupled with humanities courses such as history, world literature, creative writing and art. These game design electives help an aspiring game producer in his or her creativity, historical and cultural reference, storytelling and character development.

Career Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, video game producers earn a median annual pay of $68,440.* In another source, popular gaming magazine Game Developer, the average annual salary for video game producers ranged from $62,500 to $94,929, depending on location and years of experience.** The projected rate of growth for the industry is expected to be at 11% between 2010 and 2020.*


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