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BA in Game Design Degree Overview
BA in Game Design

BA in Game Design Degree Overview

A full half a billion people play video games worldwide and odds are you one of them. For some, video games go beyond the thrill of conquering worlds, discovering ancient artifacts, or dominating an online battlefield. Some have their sights set on an incredible and exciting way to pursue their love for video games, by earning a Bachelor of Arts-Game Design Degree.

If you’re one of those people who want to go beyond playing and into the realm of concept and game creation, then a BA in game design is the perfect solution for you. It’s the industry standard and rightly so. Here’s what the degree will help you achieve.

A greater understanding of game design and the foundations needed for a successful product. No longer wonder if your idea is truly groundbreaking or simply a disaster waiting to happen. Now, with a game design degree, you can discern what ideas will rise or fall based on your teacher’s instruction and personal experience in the laboratory.

Game production skills and information are fostered. Creating a game is more than textures and code; it’s about having a finished product that people will share and talk about. With a degree, you’ll receive an understanding of all that’s required in game production and gain real game design experience yourself.

Marketing is also an important topic. The greatest game without being marketed will just sit and collect dust. Your degree will equip you to make sound and savvy marketing decisions and help push your product to the top.

Job opportunities are what most of us are interested in following a successful degree completion. A good program will always encompass a section on job opportunities, whether they are full-fledged positions or internships. It’s not the program’s job to get you a job, but a good one will push you in the right direction.

Getting a bachelor of arts game design degree is more than getting a diploma, it’s getting inside the door of an amazing world of creation and creativity with schooling that equips you to succeed in a variety of ways.