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Game Design Degree Watch – Next Generation of Gaming


There is no more exciting time for gamers, game design students, and developers than the launch of a new generation of consoles. With Nintendo’s Wii U already on the market, the eighth generation of home consoles has officially begun. Tons of new design opportunities wait in the new generation and each new console comes with a flock of new developers. Read More »

Game Design for the College Student


Gamers are used to munching down ramen and living on a shoe-string budget to feed their gaming addiction. Developers and game design students on the other hand are looking to create a career out of game development and if they are spending more money on games and the programs used to make games, they might consider a career change. Following ... Read More »

Game Design Conventions/Conferences


Game development and the world of game design have become so large that people are willing to fill entire halls to gather and showcase their work, to learn from one another, and to network. Game development conferences started out as early as 1988 and have since grown to include major press outlets and to have gamers waiting for the latest ... Read More »

Level 1: Where Game Design Gurus Started


Every bright-eyed gamer remembers what it was like to first stomp on a goomba in Super Mario, what it felt like to first step through a blue portal in Portal, or even how it felt to finally don the HEV suit in Half Life. These moments are iconic enough to inspire any young gamer to pursue a career in game ... Read More »

Game Design Watch – Gaming Trends in 2013


Game design students are entering into an industry that changes with the wind. Consumers like music games? Fill the market with music games. Consumers like the traditional shooter? Continue producing those titles. Consumers like mobile gaming? Focus yourselves on the mobile market. Identifying those trends can be tough but there are a few noted trends that the industry can expect ... Read More »

New Titles Promote Game Design within Gamers

game design schools

Everyday gamers may have the game design bug in them without even knowing it! With games like LittleBigPlanet, Scribblenauts and Minecraft, gamers find themselves creating new mechanics of games, new worlds in these games, and even full-fledged games within these games. These gamers who spend their time playing these games find themselves actually making games, but within the limitations of ... Read More »

Motion Gaming Technology Changes Design Process

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When Nintendo revealed the Wii in 2005, gamers weren’t sure about the utilization of motion controls. Pointing and waggling the equivalent of a TV remote at your screen to play Mario? It didn’t make sense. A year later, the console was released and people instantly ate it up. As of September 30th, 2012, the Wii has sold over 97.18 million ... Read More »

Mobile Gaming: A Viable Platform with a Large Market

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Smart phones have become much more than a fancy way to call your friends and browse social networks and tablets have come a long way since the PDA. One of the biggest changes in the mobile device market has been the focus on gaming. Smart phones and tablets are being designed to be more powerful simply to handle bigger and ... Read More »

Independent Game Design is Changing the Gaming Industry

independent game design

Independent game designers and developers have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the gaming industry. Both lovers of the gaming industry and students of game design, these independent developers have taken it upon themselves to make the next big hit without the support of major publishers. When you consider that a team of 500+ can take ... Read More »

Top Companies Hiring Game Designers

Game Design Companies

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the video games industry should see a 30 percent increase in job growth between 2010 and 2020. Despite this, it can be hard to snag a job as a game designer. Most game companies are looking for experienced programmers and developers, with significant projects on their resumes. The highest demand is for candidates ... Read More »