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How to Become a Video Game Developer


Video game developers (also known as game engineers) are charged with writing the software for the game. There are both outsourced and in-house development teams. Outsourced developers are hired by game publishing companies, but still retain a strong say in the overall development of the games. Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Designer


The job duties of a video game designer often allow the most room for creativity. In fact, they are essentially the center of creativity throughout the creation of the game, which often makes it the most desired (and competitive) position in the industry. Video game designers are responsible for creating the overall concept and plot of the game, including characters, ... Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Systems Designer


Systems designers focus on the consoles, hardware and special features used to run the games. They build devices to allow multi-player interaction, but also fighting systems, artificial intelligence and much more. Since these are such complicated and advanced devices, systems designers typically come from computer-related engineering backgrounds. Highly involved from beginning to end, system designers work hard to provide users ... Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Sound Designer


Gone are the days when video game sounds consisted entirely of single tone beeps. Although not always consciously realized by the player, audio is a large part of the current game design process and plays a vital role in evoking player emotions. Certain sounds are associated with certain characters, levels, etc. and video game sound designers are responsible for working ... Read More »

How to Become a Video Game Animator


Animation involves much more than a series of drawings. Video game animators work closely with designers and programmers to add movement and motion to the game. Their main goal when working on video games is to allow for a stimulating interaction, so that users can create their own story. Their responsibilities include designing characters according to the storyboard descriptions, creating ... Read More »

Top Game Production Companies


So, who actually makes all those games you know so well? Who leads the $18 billion video game industry? Although large companies take up the bulk of market space, independent producers and at-home coders are definitely making their presence known. Read More »

Game Design Degree Benefits


In our current world of progressive computer technology, video game design has risen as a prominent and lucrative industry that’s only projected to grow larger. Read More »

Top Game Design Colleges


Attending a top-ranked game design school can give you the jump start you need to enter your career. According to the Princeton Review, the below game design schools scored the highest on various factors such as student to professor ratio, academic performance, professor credentials, available technology, etc. With well over two hundred game design programs available across the country, you ... Read More »

Game Design Careers


With a large variety of careers within the video game industry, it’s hard to know what might interest you the most. Here we list and describe possible career paths with a Game Design degree. Read More »