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Advancing Your Game Design Career

Advancing Your Game Design Career

Going to a game design school to receive a degree is not just for those looking to enter the gaming sector for the first time. It is also a great opportunity for those who are already working in the industry and want to “move up” in their career. Christian Allen is someone who did just this. Christian Allen may not be a household name, but “Halo” sure is. Christian Allen is actually the creative mind behind this popular video game. Allen has not always held this position, however by working hard and continuing his education he was able to gain the position of Lead Designer for Halo: Reach and become very successful in the gaming industry.

Allen’s degree in game design helped him thrive in his career. After a break from education and while working as an assistant game designer, Allen decided to return to school and receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Game Art and Design. Allen had already been working in the gaming industry for a few years, but he knew that getting a degree would help him stand out among his fellow employees. And this is exactly what happened, after receiving a degree he moved rapidly up the career path and received a position at Bungie Studios, working as the Lead Game Designer of Halo: Reach.

Christian Allen has been a great living example of the benefits of obtaining a degree in Game Design. Having a degree in game design and receiving it from a respected school will give one a step ahead of others who may be fighting for the same job. However, receiving a degree in game design is not just for those new to the industry. If you are already in the gaming industry but want to further your career, going back to school is a great thing to do. You can receive your degree online, so that you can keep working in your current job. However, once you complete your degree you will be have more knowledge, experience that you may have been lacking, and you will be able to prove to your employer, or others, that you are ready to take on a new position with more responsibility.

Here is a great video where some of the top designers who worked on “Halo: Reach” talk about the numerous changes they made to the game.

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