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10 Great Game Design Jobs

10 Great Game Design Jobs

With the advancement in the science and technology and with growing craze for games, a career in game designing and development is seen with much appreciation. People are making a good living from such careers now days. There are a lot of game designers who are actually great programmers and understand well. When we talk about any game, it is just like making a Hollywood movie which comprises of many entities and parts. A lot of companies offer jobs to game designers. Companies like Nintendo, SEGA, Activision, Ubisoft, EA, THQ etc. are some of the big names in the field of game designing where game designers can earn a lot.

As already mentioned, there are different levels in development of any game where game designers can fit in. Following are the ten great jobs in game design*:

1. Content designer- The work of a content designer is to design the overall mission flow of the game. They are like the story writer who writes the story of the game including the missions in game material etc. They are involved in the game’s narratives and write the story to make sense with the flow of the game. There is a high demand of content designers in this field.

2. Game writers- Sometimes game writers are confused with content designers but they are totally different. The work of game writers is to craft the scenes, texts and the dialogs which help the player in reaching different missions. Content designers explain the basic scene and game writers add life to it. Game writers are involved in the whole creative process and work with a team to give the game its shape. These professionals may need to be very detail oriented as well as be able to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative ideas for the games they are working on[1].

3. System designers- The work of system designers is to focus on one specific system which is a part of the game which when added to other systems complete the game. For example, a system designer working with a game which includes magic and fights will focus only on the spells to be used by the player. They work on systems like avatar creation, stunts, weapons, characters etc. These designers may need to be well versed in drawing, programming, scripting, and have knowledge of 2D and 3D game design[2].

4. Technical designers*- They are the ones behind the coding of the game. They work with computer languages and integrate the design with platform. They work on different platforms and help in realization of the project. The two computer languages used by lot of companies are Lua and Python. Technical designers work both in pre-production and production phases of game design to establish coding standards, train designers on the features, and assist content creators as necessary[3].

5. UI designers*- Here, UI stands for User Interface which means the job of UI designer is to create a user friendly interface which helps the user to understand the command easily which helps him in playing the game. These professionals may plan and conduct user tests to get results for different projects.

6. Senior designers*- The job of senior designers is to help the junior designers in the designing and assist them in different game designs. They have expertise in game designs and should be able to handle any task that comes their way. They may collaborate with other designers and developers to build the core concepts of a game.

7. Junior designers*- A junior designer works under a lead or senior designer and follows his commands. He works on some particular assignments given to him by his lead and once he/she gains expertise, they are promoted to senior designer level.

8. Design director*- This is the highest level in game designing; the job of design director is to drive all the members of the game design team. It is said that these people are some of the best and the brightest brains in the industry. A design director should be able to communicate and collaborate with all other areas of the game design team to ensure quality work is produced.

9. Game designer as teacher*- It is a very interesting job where one has to teach all the aspects of game designing to the interested students. Seeing the rise in demand of game designers, the rise of demand for game designing teachers is also increasing. Educators are always an important part of any process of starting a career, making the need for teachers in game design a crucial part of the field.

10. Audio designers*- Audio is very important part of any game and audio designers have to design sounds and music for different parts of the game. Audio designers are charged with manipulation audio to make it perfect for the game and to make the sound realistic.

In the field of game design, there are several different options when it comes to career choices. By opting to earn a degree in game design or related fields, you may be able to better equip yourself for the business world of gaming and take your passion for playing into a challenging and rewarding career of creating.


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